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ScreenwritingU Alum Keren Green (ProSeries 41, MSC 2) has been hired by producer Anne

ScreenwritingU Alum, Kevin Ash (ProSeries 44, MSC 3) has been hired by Joseph Nathan

ScreenwritingU Alum Bonnie Maffei  (ProSeries 48) recently signed a deal with producer

ScreenwritingU Alum Tracee Beebe (ProSeries 41, MSC 2) has been hired by Producer Hera Becker to

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02/1/15 to 03/1/15
  The Mini-Movie Method offers a simple, yet profound structure that can turn any story into a transformational journey!

During the MMM class, you'll:

02/15/15 to 04/19/15

In 10 weeks, you'll go through the steps of a professional rewrite. If you want to place high in a major contest or need to do a rewrite before sending your script to agents, managers, or producers, this class will give you the tools to do it.

02/18/15 to 02/27/15

How's your ending? Does it deliver an emotional blow people won't forget? Does it cause readers to RAVE ABOUT IT?

03/7/15 to 09/7/15

Six month online class that covers 300 professional level skills, as you write the best script of your life so far.