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Writing for Maximum Entertainment

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Creating Roles for Movie Stars

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Comedy Writing for Screenplays

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Revealing Subtext

06/19/17 - 06/28/17


“What they went through was just incredible. I’d watch for hours as Leo was just laying submerged in an icy river,” says screenwriter Mark L. Smith...


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Analysis of Bourne Identity

National Screenwriters Day

Over $2000 worth of prizes will be awarded randomly to writers who tweet using #NationalScreenwritersDay between 11:00am - 12:00pm Pacific Time on...

People often write "nice" characters, but many times, a nice character comes across as bland or superficial or even dull.

For a nice charact...

ScreenwritingU Alum Missy Cohen-Fyffe (ProSeries 33, MSC 4) has landed representation with 

ScreenwritingU Alum Dawn Crouch (ProSeries 31, MSC 4) lands representation with Karen Canton of

ScreenwritingU Alum, Kevin Ash (ProSeries 44, MSC 3) has screenplay optioned by Carey Bort

ScreenwritingU Alum, Tina Field Howe  (ProSeries 33, MSC 2) had her screenplay optioned by literary manager/producer

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