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“He’s probably the greatest American living actor,” says screenwriter Richard Wenk of Denzel Washington. “I’m a huge fan.” And who isn’t? Philadelp...

The idea of the government selling drugs to its own people in order to fund an ideological war overseas sounds like a conspiracy theory to some. To...

If you ask most people about what the ending is supposed to do, you'll likely hear the words "wrap it up."  Without a doubt, that is a very basic r...

Part of being a great screenwriter is finding your optimal creative process -- the set of rituals that will have your creativity blossom and your l...

ScreenwritingU Alum Kay Christianson-Donmyer (ProSeries 29) has her script “The Elf Who Loved Me,” optioned by

Gallagher Literary Management will r

ScreenwritingU Alum Ben Krapf (ProSeries 38, MSC 2) has signed a deal with producer Michael Z Gordon to rewrite the script for a sequel to a w

09/24/14 to 10/3/14

Advertisers say "sex sells," but in the movie business, many readers, producers, actors enjoy good comedy more than sex in screenplays.

09/29/14 to 10/9/14

Learn 47 ways to write any line of dialogue.

10/25/14 to 05/1/15

Six month online class that covers 300 professional level skills, as you write the best script of your life so far.

10/27/14 to 11/6/14

What do MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3, the TV show LOST, and the show ALIAS have in common?

They were all directed -- and written by -- J.J. Abrams.